Natural Cures for Hormonal Headaches

Severe headaches and migraines can rob you of your life. Regular sufferers find it difficult to complete tasks and remain productive in their daily activities once a migraine hits. For women, this discomfort can be compounded by PMS, but what many women do not realize...

Depression, Anxiety and Migraines, Oh My!

Let's talk about mental health. Depression and anxiety are common (and becoming less and less taboo in our modern culture) - however, with conditions that seem to be always present, comes lazier, less targeted, mass-supplied treatments that often overlook the cause of...

How To Fix Abdominal Migraines in Children

Abdominal migraine (a form of migraine seen most commonly in children aged 5-9 years old) is, unfortunately, not a well-researched field. However, with some key information and intelligent research, we can learn better how to understand, treat and live with this...

Magnesium for Headaches, Migraines and More

You may have heard of the mineral magnesium, but if you have headaches, you really need to pay attention. Magnesium is needed for your body to properly transmit muscle and nerve impulses and regulate proper enzyme activity. Your body also receives help from magnesium...

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