Magnesium for Headaches, Migraines and More

You may have heard of the mineral magnesium, but if you have headaches, you really need to pay attention. Magnesium is needed for your body to properly transmit muscle and nerve impulses and regulate proper enzyme activity. Your body also receives help from magnesium...

Vitamins: Fact or Fiction?

MYTH:  You don't need vitamins with a healthy diet. One of the most common questions a practitioner receives is about ingesting high-doses of vitamin supplements. Many individuals worry about the safety, necessity and effectiveness of these doses of vitamins. Here,...

Natural Supplement Reduces Headache Frequency

Frequent headaches affect over 45 million Americans, with many individuals suffering headaches daily. Unfortunately, some have given up completely, assuming there's nothing they can do to help themselves. Mild analgesics such as aspirin, ibuprophen and other pain...

Irritable Bowel and an Irritable Head

Have you Heard of Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS? This disorder affects the large intestine and causes severe symptoms that can interrupt a person's daily activities.  10% to 20% of the population suffer from it, but did you know that many with IBS also have...

Migraines, Serotonin and Sleep: Oh The Web They Weave

You may know that serotonin has a part in sleep, but did you know just how much of a role it plays for bodies? Serotonin is known as the “feel good” hormone in the brain, and it's this neurotransmitter that does so much for our body, including regulating our sleep,...

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