Does Weather Cause My Headaches?

Did you know your head is affected by barometric pressure in your environment? CBS News reported that up to 70% of individuals who currently suffer from migraines can experience attacks from changes in barometric pressure, often before it rains. The migraine can be...

How Two Brains and One Poop Can Reduce a Migraine

Talking about your bowel movements with anyone, including your doctor, can be an uncomfortable discussion, literally. But poop is something we all have in common and vitally important to our wellbeing. Not only do we all go number two, but our poop can give us big...

This Is Why Migraineurs Should Avoid Sleep Drugs

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with sleep. We need sleep to function and live a happy and full life, but sometimes falling asleep or staying asleep or both isn’t so easy. According to The National Institutes of Health, an estimated 30 percent of the U.S....

Avoiding Summer Headaches

10 tips to help avoid summer headaches Summer can be a joyous time for many people with warmer weather, time in the water, and just hanging about with friends.  Those who suffer chronic headache and migraine however likely won’t agree with me. Unfortunately,...

What Supplements Can Help Adrenal Fatigue

What Supplements Can Help Adrenal Fatigue Adrenal fatigue doesn’t get enough attention. Adrenal fatigue syndrome (AFS) happens when your hormones can no longer handle the stress of your daily life. Many people fall victim to these hormonal changes without ever...

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