Frequently Asked Questions about Working with Dr. Slovin

What does the first new patient consult cost?

The new patient consult is $197 and is paid in full after the phone or in-office appointment.

Do you offer phone consults?

Yes, Dr. Slovin consults by phone.

Dr. Slovin works with patients throughout North America. New patients fill out the new patient history and questionnaire online. A phone or in-office consultation is then set up. Dr. Slovin reviews the questionnaire and spends one-on-one time with you asking questions and reviewing your health history. This fact-finding session, whether by phone or performed in the office, allows Dr. Slovin the opportunity to dig deep into uncovering how and why you are challenged with poor health issues.

If Dr. Slovin feels she can help you, she will make her recommendations, and if needed, recommend laboratory testing. Laboratory testing can be done in your town at a local lab and/or test kits can be mailed to you for at home testing. Results are sent to Dr. Slovin for review and then discussed with you during a future appointment.

Do I need to travel to Norwalk, Connecticut to have lab work done or to be seen as a new patient?

No. All new patient consultations can be done by phone if you prefer. There is no need to come to Connecticut to have the lab work done; it can all be done in your hometown. Dr. Slovin may also order specialty test kits that are sent to you directly from specific laboratories.

I’d like to see Dr. Slovin in person. Can I make an appointment to be seen at your office?

Yes, absolutely!  We love to see patients in person. Simply let us know you want to be seen in the office and we’ll get it scheduled.

Do you accept insurance?

No, insurance will not pay for phone or in-office consultations. Insurance is happy to pay for expensive medications year after year but not for what they consider “wellness care.” Health Savings Accounts (HSA) typically pay for most of our services.

How do I set up a new patient appointment with Dr. Slovin?

Please fill out the New Patient Questionnaire then submit it to our office. Once we have received your new patient paperwork, we will call you to set up a time to meet with Dr. Slovin.

Does Dr. Slovin always order lab work?

Dr. Slovin will go over your health history in detail. Once she has thoroughly reviewed your history, she’ll explain what she feels are the main causes of your health issues, what you need to do and if needed, will recommend any necessary laboratory testing.

Do I need to stop any or all medications before seeing or talking with Dr. Slovin?

No. Please do not stop taking any medications prior to your appoint met with Dr. Slovin.

Will you work with my doctor so he or she can order the labs you recommend?

Dr. Slovin will encourage you, if appropriate, to continue to work with your doctor.  To prevent any confusion or resistance, she will order her own tests if needed and interpret them.

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