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A Special Message from Dr. Slovin

I appreciate your confidence in me. I know it takes courage to trust someone with your health-especially so if you’ve never met me in person. I’ve been working with special patients, fibromyalgia, migraine, headache and medical misfits (those who have been everywhere, tried everything and still don’t feel well) for over a decade.

I’ve personally helped thousands of headache and migraine patients feel good again.  I don’t have a magic wand, I wish I did, but I do have the experience of being in the trenches with some of the most challenging patients to ever walk through a doctor’s doorstep.

I’ve had patients seek me out after exhausting high profile clinics and doctors, Mayo, John Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, etc. I write this to impress upon you that migraines and chronic headaches, I mean the really bad, non-intractable kind, don’t respond to traditional medicine alone. Traditional medical thinking and treating will never uncover and correct the cause(s) of your migraine pain.

Meet the new Science.

I’ve been able to get results with even the most stubborn migraine headache cases because I practice a patient-centered approach to treating my patient’s health, called Functional Medicine.

I’ve dedicated my life to using state-of-the-art techniques for uncovering and eliminating the causes of migraine headaches. Good biochemistry-science, plus being a doctor who thinks outside the box, combined with the right detective work has allowed me to become a migraine headache expert who consistently is able to help those patients who want to feel good again.


For New Patient In-Office or Phone Consults

Please get your New Patient Questionnaire. These forms – which you can fill out and return online – include a detailed history, and must be received by us before we can schedule your new patient phone or in-office consult.

Once we receive your completed paperwork, we’ll call you to set up an appointment.

If needed you can also fax your paperwork or past labs to 203-840-0011


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