Do you feel like you would give up your entire life as you know it, just to be pain-free for even a little while?

Chronic migraine headaches can TOTALLY control your life. The pain can be unbearable, relentless and incredibly overwhelming leaving you depressed, scared and many times, alone.

Unfortunately, drugs often do little to prevent your migraines, let alone take them away. Or they are so strong they can totally knock you out with major life-robbing side effects. Worse yet, don’t take them, and you become isolated from the whole world, stuck in a dark room alone, praying for the pain to break.

Traditional medicine alone is a dead end. Meet the new science.

Men with Migraines – The Effects of Estrogen

Men with Migraines - The Effects of Estrogen The female sex hormone, estrogen, is a common trigger for migraines in women, but new research suggests it may also affect how men respond to migraine as well. In this study, it was discovered that men who...

Dazed and Confused – How Migraines Affect Your Memory

Dazed and Confused - How Migraines Affect Your Memory A migraine is so much more than just a nasty headache. The pain portion can be intense, long-lasting, and extremely taxing on the entire system. That doesn’t even touch upon how migraine negatively affects the rest...

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