Do you feel like you would give up your entire life as you know it, just to be pain-free for even a little while?

Chronic migraine headaches can TOTALLY control your life. The pain can be unbearable, relentless and incredibly overwhelming leaving you depressed, scared and many times, alone.

Unfortunately, drugs often do little to prevent your migraines, let alone take them away. Or they are so strong they can totally knock you out with major life-robbing side effects. Worse yet, don’t take them, and you become isolated from the whole world, stuck in a dark room alone, praying for the pain to break.

Traditional medicine alone is a dead end. Meet the new science.

How To Use Aromatherapy to Help with Migraines

Aromatherapy for Migraines A popular holistic healing treatment around for centuries, aromatherapy uses plant extracts to encourage well-being and treat a wide range of conditions, including migraines. Also referred to as essential oil therapy, aromatherapy uses...

Dairy and Migraines – Is There a Connection?

Dairy and Migraines – Is There a Connection? Perhaps. Migraines can be triggered by specific foods - fact. Recently, there has been mounting research naming dairy as a main culprit in migraine attacks. If you are someone who suffers from migraines and are unsure what...

6 Ways to Treat and Prevent Hormonal Migraines

6 Ways to Treat and Prevent Hormonal Migraines Migraines come in all different shapes and forms and are triggered by a wide range of factors. For some, a migraine attack may hit after eating certain foods, a stressful day, or lack of sleep. Others are susceptible to...

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