5 Tips for Working from Home as a Migraineur

There’s no stopping the remote-work ball rolling around board tables across the country and the world. Not only do employees save around $4,000 a year by working from home, but there are significant cost savings and higher levels of productivity that businesses didn’t expect when COVID-19 forced them to close down their offices and halt production. Bosses and employees are not settling into the unsettling reality that we’ll likely be working from home for a long time.

We may as well make the best of it. In this article, I’m going to give you a few tips to help you get your migraine-free space set up for success.

Tip #1: Separate your spaces

Even in a one-bedroom apartment or a houseful of kids, you can separate your personal space from your professional workspace. This will help you keep your stress levels under control and allow you to separate the two most important tasks in your life: being at home and being at work. You don’t want them to run together; you’ll get burnt out.

Tip #2:  Pack your lunch

It may sound silly because you’re home, and why would you need to pack a lunch when you can pop into the kitchen for something later? We all know how easy it would be to fall into an unhealthy eating regimen if you are in a comfort zone when work stress comes calling. You know it will.

Tip #3: Keep a schedule

Most businesses ask that you work the same hours you would in the office, but let’s face it, that’s not always possible when you’re adjusting to the new coworkers who share your home office space. Make and keep a schedule for everyone who uses the workspace. Space should have limited distractions so you can stay on task and reduces the risk of added stress.

Tip #4:  Take regular breaks

There’s no point in going against the wave of change that’s happening right now. If you’re struggling to find a consistent and regular schedule for remote work, try scheduling frequent breaks in your day instead. If your schedule is all over the map, then this is the most important tip you’ll want to follow. No matter the chaos in the work and home schedule, break your day up a bit. Take five minutes or a few hours at a time – but do it in an organized effort with a plan.

Tip #5:  Sleep!

Sleep is life. Too much or too little, erratic schedules, and higher levels of stress (something we’re all facing right now) can wreak havoc on your health and make migraine attacks more frequent and severe. A sleep schedule can help greatly. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, yes, even on the weekends. Focus on finding a relaxing regimen that’ll help you get to sleep. Check out my blog about sleep and migraines for ideas!

One thing an office offers that home does not is a structure to your day. That’s what you want to recreate at home. These tips should help. Remember, this isn’t a sprint but a marathon. Working from home, whenever possible, will keep you and others safe while also keeping you employed. Many of our friends, neighbors, and family members don’t have this luxury.

If you are unemployed and without insurance, I can still help you find a way to better health. While you figure out what to do next – whether self-employment or full-time work – know that you have a healthcare provider in your corner, ready to support your brain through your hardship.


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