Your Cell Phone and Your Migraines – Dangers of 5G

Smartphones, tablets, and computers are everywhere in our modern society. They have become such a staple that many people can’t imagine a time before cell phones. But is this a good thing, or are we putting ourselves in harm’s way without realizing it?

New research indicates that smartphone use can actually cause an increase in headaches and migraines in children, teenagers, and adults. With more than 2.7 billion smartphone users worldwide, these revelations are terrifying.

Before we look at the dangers of cell phone use and how it may be linked to migraines, let’s go over a few cell phone statistics to give you some perspective:

●       77% of Americans have a cell phone

●       47% of Americans say they could not live without their electronic devices

●       On average, smartphone users check their device 47 times per day

●       85% of smartphone users check their device while engaging with others

●       80% of smartphone users check their device within one hour of waking

Linking Smartphone Use to Migraine Attacks

In this study, researchers blindfolded patients and then turned on cell phone signals that replicated those of when a person was using their phone. They measured the patient’s brain activity with a specialized helmet, tracking the changes when the cell phone signals were turned on and off, respectively. Because human tissue absorbs radiation from these electronics (just as it does from a microwave), it was found that even small amounts of exposure to this type of radiation can be harmful. Some of the effects of exposure to cell phone radiation include:

●       Disrupts normal brain activity

●       Heats up the tissues in the head and brain

●       Change the composition of brain waves

●       Alter overall brain chemistry

●       Cause irreversible damage to DNA

Smartphone dependence may come with other health risks, such as:

●       Anxiety

●       Stress

●       Depression

●       Sleep deprivation

●       Attention deficit disorder

We know that food, stress, and sleep are three of the main migraine triggers, so the fact that cell phone use may increase these symptoms is alarming.

Why Reducing Exposure to Blue Light is a Must

Electronic devices play an instrumental role in our lives today. But, is it worth putting your health at risk? According to the previous study mentioned, the head soaks up nearly half (40%) of a given phone’s radiation. 

In yet another study, Dutch researchers found a connection between cell tower radiation and headaches and nausea. Smartphone radiation can also damage the brain, compromise the blood-brain barrier, and may be linked to brain tumors.

While the research speaks for itself, many officials are still claiming blue light from devices isn’t harmful. However, this is based on the idea that every human responds to electromagnetic fields the same way. As we know, that simply isn’t the case. It is imperative we take the time to understand how blue light and 5G radiation can cause headaches and why reducing exposure is the first course of action.

Use These Smartphone Hacks to Prevent Pesky Migraines

There are several steps that can be taken to reduce the chance of migraine caused by blue light and cell phone radiation:

●       Turn on your phone’s blue light filter settings (both iPhone and Android devices have this option)

●       Download a blue light filter app

●       Adjust the brightness settings according to the lighting

●       Increase your font size

●       Disable automatic screen rotation

●       Use voice text for emails and texts, when possible

●       Take a break

●       Reduce smartphone use

●       Organize your apps to reduce clutter

Electronic devices aren’t going anywhere, so it is up to us to take the appropriate steps to protect our health. I encourage you to take a proactive approach to your health and be conscientious about your cell phone use, especially if you are prone to migraines.